Travel scores big in Brazil

This post is written by Theresa Szejwallo – Managing Director in South Africa

Being in Brazil to enjoy the World Cup or watching from the comfort of your own home is one thing, but, enjoying a guided holiday across South America is a whole new experience.

I enjoyed a guided holiday across South America in December 2013. It’s now a firm favourite of mine and a destination that I expect to visit again and again. It’s really not like me to want to visit the same destination twice – but South America has become the exception to the rule.

The opportunity to explore and appreciate the customs, the food, the history and the way of life of the people from Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Easter Island was made all the more memorable through Trafalgar’s ‘Insider Experience’.

Iguazu Falls

Iguassu Falls

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Our Travel Directors’ Favourite Spots

Our Travel Directors are a diverse bunch of people and they come from all over the world. However they have one thing in common: They love to travel and they love sharing their travel experiences and knowledge with you. Here are some of their favourite places in Europe.

Amanda Gardiner is from Australia originally, but is now a Londoner. She mainly runs European Discovery trips. Her favourite place is Paris, which she thinks is the best city in the world. There’s so much to talk about there and really has the wow factor. She loves the night tour Trafalgar runs of the city, where the Eiffel Tower sparkles. She says that guests find it quite emotional. She also loves the Alpine region.

Paris Eiffel Tower

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Travelling on a Budget with Trafalgar

Going on holidays might sometimes seem like an expensive indulgence, especially if you’re trying to put a trip together on your own. Often you’ll end up booking the expensive train or bus tickets, reserving rooms at a hotel which turns out to be in the middle of nowhere or getting a table at a restaurant that’s got a special tourist price. However, seeing Europe with Trafalgar certainly needn’t be like this.

Our European Costsaver trips are especially created so going on a holiday won’t break the bank. You don’t need to worry about getting from A to B as you will be royally driven around in a luxury motor coach equipped with reclining seats, air-conditioning, TVs and electrical outlets, offering great high vantage views of your chosen destinations.

motor coach in Rome

Trafalgar motor coach in Rome

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How to enjoy a multi-generational family trip

It’d been quite a few years since I’d taken a holiday with the family (my parents and younger brother). And those embarrassing arguments over where to eat and who wanted to see what were still ingrained on my mind.

So when it was suggested that we take a trip together once more, with gran in tow, you can’t blame me for wanting to jet off into the sunset or think up some elaborate excuse as to why I couldn’t join them. Neither of those happened, of course. And I’m pleased to be able to share the successes of this family holiday.


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A Trafalgar Italian Holiday

This year, some of our team members here at Trafalgar’s digital team went on a familiarisation trip. Ross, our Digital Copywriter, was one of the lucky ones and this is his account.

Which trip did you go on?

I went on the first four days of Trafalgar’s 8-day Italian Holiday trip.

Where did you go?

My trip began in Rome, where we spent a few days exploring sights like the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican, before moving onto Venice.

I left the trip in Venice, however the rest of my group went on to visit Lake Garda, Pisa and Florence. It took heaps of willpower to tear myself away early!


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Where can you find the world’s best beer?

Stout, wheat, lager, pale ale, IPA – beer is one of the world’s most popular drinks.

With Oktoberfest fast approaching, this week we’re taking you on a journey – and raising a glass – to some of Europe’s best beer-producing countries.


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New England Fall Foliage

The best place to go leaf-peeping in the USA is in New England.  From Connecticut to Maine, come October the scenery of the New England states will turn into a sea of red, orange and yellow hues. Here are a few spots that offer some amazing leaf-peeping opportunities.

Autumn foliage over lake

Autumn foliage over lake

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