Why You Should Visit Egypt in 2015

This post is written by Trafalgar Travel Director Dean Smart. Read more of his travel adventures on his personal blog The Smart Way Round which he writes with his wife Natalie.

The Muezzin’s rhythmic call to prayer split the still morning air. It was still dark as I left the hotel, but the first rays of light were breaking to the east. The scent of apple tea was beginning to waft from homes and cafes. Almost like ghosts, the white clad faithful shuffled down the street towards the local mosque as the city started to awaken.


Photo by Andrew A. Shenouda under Creative Common Licence

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Our France expert answers your questions

Those of you who follow our social media channels may have seen that we recently ran a France Q&A session with one of our France Travel Directors, Giovanna.

It was so popular that we didn’t have enough time to get through all your questions during the session. But don’t worry, we’ve gathered the rest of the answers for you here:

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5 Irish beers to try on St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here and let’s be honest, it’s the perfect day to enjoy a beer or two. All over the world the Irish and Irish-at-heart celebrate the country’s culture by holding parades, eating traditional foods like corned beef and cabbage, and raising a glass to the man himself.

Almost every region in Ireland celebrates St. Patrick’s a little differently. For example, in Dingle, things kick off from 6am with the Dingle Fife and Drum Band taking to the streets; whereas in Dublin celebrations last for up to four days! So in recognition of these regional nuances, we’ve selected five Irish beers to try on St. Paddy’s, which represent different areas of the country.

A pint of Irish stout

A pint of Irish stout

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London Markets – the what and where

I’ve always loved exploring markets – the background chatter, the bustle, the colours and smells and the meandering window shoppers. I’ve always felt it gives a great insight into the local culture and the people wherever you are in the world.

Being such a huge city, London naturally has its fair share of different markets, and really you can get anything you want if you look around. So I spent the day wandering between (just) three of the options available across the different parts of the city.

Borough Market food stalls

Borough Market food stalls

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Interview: Christine Upton on Be My Guest experiences

If you think food tastes better when it’s shared with people who have a story to tell, you might like to hear about our Be My Guest experiences.

With Be My Guest, you’re invited into the homes or sometimes independently-run businesses of locals all over the world. You’ll try everything from home-made food to home-grown wines, and enjoy a deeper understanding of their lives and local culture through good conversation.

In this week’s post we catch up with Christine Upton, who sources our Be My Guest experiences in Europe, to hear what goes on behind the scenes.

You'll dine with local people in their homes on  our Be My Guest experiences

You’ll dine with local people in their homes on our Be My Guest experiences

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Discover China’s New Year traditions

Chinese New Year is celebrated across the globe. In London, you’ll find the largest festivities outside of China – with everything from street parties to a parade that weaves its way through the centre of the city. Big-scale celebrations take place in San Francisco, too, which is home to the largest Chinatown in the world.

But in China, there are a set of New Year traditions that families have followed for centuries, whether it’s the Year of the Goat or the Year of the Sheep.

Dragon in the Chinese New Year parades - photo by vegaseddie used under Creative Commons licence

Dragon in the Chinese New Year parades – photo by vegaseddie used under Creative Commons licence

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The Best Places to Pop the Question

February is the month of romance and what better time to pop the question. Now we all want the answer to be yes, right? So when you ask him or her to marry you, you’d better make it a memorable occasion.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris

When you think of Paris, you think of romance, so it is no surprise that the Eiffel Tower appears on this list. Who could say no to living happily ever after standing on top of the most iconic sight in the most romantic city in the world?

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower, Paris, France

Grand Canyon

No doubt this one would impress outdoorsy brides and grooms to be. Proposing at this iconic National Park in the USA will offer a colourful backdrop to the occasion resulting in a guaranteed yes, especially if you’re doing it standing on the edge of a very deep and gaping gorge.

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