Japanese Customs

Customs vary from country to country and when travelling abroad, it’s very useful to get familiar with local do’s and don’ts. Here is a list of things that might come in handy if you’re travelling to Japan.

It’s very polite in Japan to bow; it’s a symbol of humility and respect and you will notice people doing it everywhere. You’ll find you’ll be greeted with a deep bow, at coffee shops, restaurants and hotels, but also when you go to the 7-11 to buy a pack of gum. It does make you feel a little bit like a VIP.


Photo by Frank Kovalcheck under Creative Common Licence

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Choosing the Right Camera For You

Compact Cameras
Also known as point-and-shoot cameras, these are great for taking holiday snaps. If you are looking for an easy-to-use camera that doesn’t need any fiddling with complicated settings, then a compact camera is a good way to go. They have an autofocus function as well as automatic settings for things like exposure and flash.


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Hawaii – Beyond the Beach

Beach in Oahu

Beach in Oahu

When I think of Hawaii, pristine beaches lined with palm trees spring to mind. But if lounging on a beach isn’t your thing, there are loads of other great things to do when travelling to the Islands of Hawaii. Here are my favourite Hawaiian sights.

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Brazil’s National Drink Cachaça

The World Cup finals are fast approaching and whatever team will be the victor of this international football tournament, celebratory drinks will soon be in order.

cachaça bottles

Cachaça bottles by Danny Botelho under creative commons licence.

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Canadian Icewine

Canadian wines are probably not as popular as wines produced by their southern neighbours, but there is one type of wine Canadians do really well; it’s icewine.

Frozen grapes

Photo by Hainbachkar under Creative Commons Licence

Icewine is made from either Riesling or vidal grapes that have been left on the vines during the winter season after the regular harvest in the autumn. When the grapes are frozen, they are harvested and then pressed in their frozen state. At no point in the process can they be frozen artificially. The ice crystals are pressed out of the grapes, which leaves a very sweet juice which creates this equally sweet dessert wine. It usually has a very fruity flavour blended with hints of honey and nuts.

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Win a Trip for Two to California


This month Trafalgar is asking you to share your incredible travel moments via Facebook for a chance to win a FREE trip for two to Northern California.

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A Day on the Patagonian Grand Adventure

This post was written by Lesley-Anne Ryan one of our guests on the Patagonian Grand Adventure. This is how she spent day 9.

Today was the day that we overdosed on wow.

We left Puerto Natales at 8:30 and headed for the Miloden Caves. The cave is not far from Puerto Natales and at the end of the large plain just north of town. The area used to be underwater, so the cave was formed by wave action carving into the softer rock below. The cave was discovered by a German man in 1895 and inside they found the remains of the Giant Sloth.

chile mountain

We took the short walk up to the cave to find it was like a huge mouth and we were going for a walk into its throat. There was evidence that ancient man used the cave as fire pits and burned bones were found and dated back 11,500 years.

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