Calgary Stampede in Canada: The world’s largest rodeo

No trip to Calgary in Canada would be complete without witnessing the spectacular event that is the Calgary Stampede; the world’s largest rodeo! The event takes place every year between 9 and 18 July 2010 and is sure to entertain visitors of all ages.

On entrance to Stampede Park you’ll be blown away by the brilliantly energetic Chuck-wagon Races which will warm you up ready for your day to be magnificently crowned with the excellent Grandstand Show. This is the all singing, all dancing, music and fireworks extravaganza which finishes off the fantastic Calgary Stampede celebrations.

On the 8 day Canada’s Rockies with Calgary Stampede tour you’ll receive all-day tickets with access to reserved seating, so you won’t have to worry about anything but sitting back and enjoying the Western delight of the stampede.

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Have you been lucky enough to visit the Calgary Stampede? If so, leave us a comment below. We’d love to hear your Stampede stories! //

4 responses to “Calgary Stampede in Canada: The world’s largest rodeo

  1. I have been! best experience of my life, and certainly the highlight of my Canada tour. I’d recommend this to anyone who is captivated by the wild west tradition and wants to try something new. Look out for the chuckwagon races, they’re so fun! Katy

    • More than 50 chuck wagon horses have been killed at the Calgary Stampede since 1986, mainly due to crash injuries or cardiac arrest brought on by stress. How fun is that Katy?

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  3. A alot of fun.
    it is more cruel to keep your horses and do nothing with them.
    they are just like us they want to work,. they born to run so let them run.

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